Job Creation through Capital Donation

WholeTrees Architectures & Structures , LLC

WholeTree’s (Madison & Westby) cutting-edge technology enables the forest products industry to sell round timber to the construction industry, making buildings stronger and forests profitable. They scale the use of low-value trees in commercial construction and de-risked the use of unmilled timber in high-value building markets. They are generating sales nationally and will begin licensing its supply-to-market production processes and software by 2019.

WholeTrees spent 10 years utilizing federal grants, investment dollars and sales revenue to build legitimacy for an abundant forestry by-product in a conservative industry that demands viable solutions. The company’s co-founders and early investors saw an enormous untapped market for authentic, place-based building materials that tell story and differentiate the brand of those

who use it.

In 2017, the incoming opportunities to quote new projects increasing by an average of 44% per quarter. Their software platform is almost ready to launch and will serve building professionals with the digital tools they need to specify and purchase their products. Their custom product sales are now being complemented by repeatable, standardized sales, with products such as event canopies and solar carports. These products will be sold by sales representatives and through additional sales partnership as building professionals seek greener solutions at the intersection of construction and climate issues.

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