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Tundra Targeted Therapeutics

Tundra Targeted Therapeutics, Inc., is developing novel bispecific antibodies to augment immunotherapy. The initial focus of TTT is on pediatric cancers. Autologous patient T cells will be loaded ex vivo and directed to target specific antigens on tumor cells. This schema will provide targeted cancer cell killing without side effects (Treatment without ToxicityTM ), and without the costs, logistical complications, and risks of genetic engineering. Tundra’s team has already generated extensive preclinical data involving their lead bispecific antibody - that demonstrates the efficacy of this approach. 


Tundra was founded by cancer researchers and clinicians at Children’s Wisconsin and the Medical College of Wisconsin. TTT has incorporated and assembled a robust team of scientific advisors with decades of experience in trial design and clinical development. The Tundra team is rapidly moving to bring its novel technology to children in need, with plans to initiate an early-stage ‘basket’ clinical trial in 2022. Future plans involve local manufacture of GMP-grade cell therapy products.


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August, 2022
United States
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