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Stemina Biomarker Discovery, Inc.

Stemina Biomarker Discovery (Madison) is a biotechnology company based in Madison, WI and Cambridge, MA that has developed a robust and reproducible proprietary platform for identifying changes in metabolism (“biomarkers”) utilizing highly sensitive analytical equipment and proprietary technologies and algorithms. This platform allows the company to identify biomarkers in cell cultures and human samples and to analyze the small molecules secreted by cells in response to toxic substances or in response to disease in the human body. The potential business applications of this platform are significant and diverse.

The company is focused on two different business opportunities and operates each as a separate division. NeuroPointDX, the company’s diagnostics division, identifies biomarkers of neurological disorders in human samples to identify markers which can be translated to clinical diagnostics, companion Dx/Rx, individualized treatment recommendations and new potential therapies.

The company’s toxicology and drug screening business, Stemina, uses its proprietary platform to analyze the small molecules secreted by human stem cells, as well as heart and neural cells made from stem cells, in response to compounds known to cause toxicity. These biomarkers are then employed in Stemina’s proprietary tests for testing the safety of new compounds.

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