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Originally FreshEx, the company changed it's name in December 2019 to SoFresh.

An emerging company dedicated to “Positively Saving Food” from spoilage and waste by developing freshness science to inhibit mold growth and slow dehydration (staling) of popular foods we enjoy. SoFresh has incorporated this new technology into current and sustainable packaging materials for bread, cheese and berries. Strong consumer desires and societal trends for more nutritious foods, clean label products and minimizing food waste are core to our vision and strategy. SoFresh mold inhibiting film products maintain food quality, reduce the need for food preservatives, extend shelf life, enable greater food consumption with less waste while reducing costs for food suppliers. Three large markets are perfectly suited to incorporate SoFresh’s™ mold-inhibiting technology: fresh bakery items, natural cheese and fresh field picked berries.

SoFresh was discovered at the 2018 Kenosha Hatch event, BrightStar’s entrepreneurial pitch program.

United States