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Socialeads combines social science, data science, and advanced technologies to analyze your social networks to deliver transactional insights on-demand. Socialeads uses social science to analyze social media content for context, life events, and personality dimensions. Data science integrates digital marketing and CRM data machine learning to rank top prospects, referrers, and influencers. Advanced technologies is used for AI chat bots and notification systems to provide instant access to actionable data from your social networks. 

Socialeads is an AI platform that helps financial services companies and their advisors to automatically know the size, depth, and value of their professional and personal social networks. Their platform uses advanced machine learning and natural language processing to understand the meaning and context of social media posts and the activities, personality, sentiment, emotionality and behaviors that reveal top prospects & referrers - helping advisors know who in their network of connections is the right person to contact at the right time for the right product.

They differentiate in the arena of social network analytics products in that the Socialeads’ machine learning platform is trained on the unique marketing and sales data of each client, in essence becoming an expert data insights platform that self-customizes. It’s a machine-learning as a service platform that is continuously improving insights based on the specific marketing & sales performance data.

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