Job Creation through Capital Donation

Pyran, Inc.

Pyran (Madison) raised approximately $3.5 million in funding in 2021, split equally between equity and grant funding. The grant funding was buoyed by an NSF SBIR Phase II grant and matching grants, including the WEDC SBIR Advance program. Pyran’s Series A-2 equity round was venture capital lead, with approximately 70% of the financing from Wisconsin investors. The funding was used to hire a chemical industry veteran CEO and begin construction on our pilot facility. Several tons of our bio-based, renewable paints products will be produced in early 2022.

Pyran uses renewable feedstocks from crop resources, such as corn cobs, to make 1,5-pentanediol (PDO). This essential material enhances the performance of everyday products, such as paints, coatings,
adhesives and more. The company’s renewable 5-carbon products replace expensive, petroleum-based chemicals, which are limited in supply. Pyran’s renewable-based, on-purpose production will enable customers to expand their businesses with better performing and more sustainable products.

Committed Investment: 
May, 2021
United States