Job Creation through Capital Donation

Immuto Scientific

With medical startups on the rise over the past few years, Faraz Choudhury and his team of three UW researchers, in collaboration with Dr. Michaels Sussman’s (Professor of Biochemistry at UW-Madison), have engineered a plausible solution to analyze biomolecules used specifically for speeding up the process of drug discovery research and accuracy. This process of mass spectrometry analyzes protein structures and will allow a gateway to further improve drug specificity and the proper binding to its specified host. “PLIMB” (Plasma-Induced Modification of Biomolecules) is the next solution for preforming protein structural analysis with higher resolution and faster results at nanosecond timescales. This solution is offered in the competitive market of Antibody Therapeutics which is expected to double by the year of 2025.

Formed in 2018, Immuto Scientific is customer-ready and primed to mass-commercialize their technology for millions of patients to benefit from. Thus far, Immuto has amassed over $1.4 Million of non-dilutive grant funding, constantly reinvesting their support into continuing product development and R&D. One of the top five Big Pharma companies and one biotech company have already committed to using the technology, and with an extensive network of future consumers streamlined from those clients, Faraz and his team are prepared to bring dynamic analysis to drug discovery. Immuto Scientific combines five of the brightest minds to revolutionize a faster solution and will create a viable pipeline for quicker drug creation for years to come.

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September, 2021
United States
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