Job Creation through Capital Donation

HDL Diagnostics, Inc

HDL Diagnostics (Milwaukee) is an early-stage diagnostics company focused on developing high-density lipoprotein (HDL) functionality tests to determine the level of “good cholesterol” in blood. The assays are useful for cardiovascular disease risk assessment and HDL drug development. The company is starting its second clinical trial this year. The trial will evaluate the effectiveness of detecting dysfunctional HDL.

“Testing HDL’s functional status has been available to scientists for years as a research-use-only test, but because of its complexity it is not been used at the point of care,” said board member Matt Amman. “We believe we can change that and improve the ability of physicians to diagnose coronary artery disease with our technology platform.”

Brightstar’s $75,000 investment helped the company complete its second round of funding and start its first clinical trial. The company also recruited Roger Newton, Ph.D., who is the co-discoverer of Lipitor, to join the company’s board of directors.

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