Job Creation through Capital Donation


GenoPalate (Milwaukee) last year launched two new products and services lines that increased the average value and lifetime value of each customer. More than 150,000 people have bought GenoPalate personalized nutrition services. The company has accumulated a large and growing database of personal nutrition with genomics insights, which positions GenoPalate to be a unique research and innovation resource for population health in the coming years.

“After a decade of research on how our genetics influence our metabolic health, my talented team and I are excited about bringing our science and technology to people's daily lives for smart shopping and eating that can lead to their optimal health,” said Sherry Zhang, the company’s founder and chief executive.  “We are recruiting, hiring, and training talent for our high-tech health startup and collaborating with Wisconsin-focused organizations like BrightStar will expedite this process.” For more information about GenoPalate and the GenoPalate lifestyle, go to

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