Job Creation through Capital Donation

COnovate, Inc.

COnovate (Milwaukee) is commercializing a distinct product called COPHITETM anodes. This material contains the world’s first solid form carbon monoxide at room temperature. The unique materials enable development of novel, lighter, and safer anode solutions that will charge faster and contribute to greater battery energy and power densities.

COnovate’s current lab demonstrations use proven manufacturing techniques that should be scalable and cost-effective. The same efforts have been the basis for attracting over $1 million in small business innovation research funding from America’s Seed Fund, and the critical funding from BrightStar. “COnovate grew from deep expertise of UWM physicists and highlights the strength of UWM as a research institution and a source for innovations that can scale and impact the world.” said Brian Thompson, UWM Research Foundation President. “The company founders embraced the customer discovery process as a core competency to help them identify opportunities, and I’m pleased that they were able to leverage the growing support structure at UWM and in the Milwaukee community to move them to the next level.”

Today, COnovate produces the COPHITE material in a form that will enable seamless adoption in the battery and other marketplaces as an alternative to graphite, the current material of choice for lithium-ion battery anodes. The company intends to lever these advantages to provide COPHITE material to battery makers to enable them to deliver next generation batteries.

Committed Investment: 
December, 2020
United States