Job Creation through Capital Donation

Cert-N, LLC

The Cert-N SaaS platform helps VARs (Value Added Resellers) manage their Technology Provider OEM’s Vendor Loyalty Programs to safeguard program compliance while making certain channel partners are in control of maximizing their loyalty value dollars available. Mike Martin and David Zey (Co-Founders) have designed a way to save companies thousands of dollars typically lost in compliance. Spending years in the VAR world, Mike was convinced that there was a better solution to manage and administer OEM vendor loyalty programs. Since each OEM utilizes different reporting structures, the loyalty redemption processing space is extremely fuzzy. This gray space causes VAR’s to inaccurately redeem their entitled loyalty rewards and does not take into consideration certificates these companies are required to provide to their employees. Cert-N helps to decrease the stress of Incentive programs and strives to keep channel partners in compliance to increase the overall organizational cleanliness.

Committed Investment: 
May, 2021
United States
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