Job Creation through Capital Donation

Alinea Engage

Alinea Engage's goal is to "power your client pipeline from first touchpoints to lifelong loyalty." They use the phrase, "Referrals, Retention, Return." Their services include Automate Intake, which immediately saves time and money by automating client registration. Automate Intake revolutionizes client registration by streamlining workflow, impressing patients, and optimizing patient visits. The next service is Client Competence. This service allows for swiftly creating customized HEPs that engage and retain clients and it maximizes adherence and retention. The next service is Marketing Outreach. This service is meant for power referrals, retention and returns right from the start. Marketing Outreach allows for automating cadence and content, gauge patient satisfaction, and personalize the marketing outreach.

Alinea Engage provides dynamic client relationships by allowing you to populate your pipeline, warmly welcome new clients, online registration, hand off HEPs that keep the clients engaged, gaining vital insight from client survey feedback, and also private direct messaging with the clients back and forth for solid communication. One of the most important aspects of Alinea Engage is to drive returns on your investments. 

United States