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Swallow Solutions

Swallow Solutions improves the health and quality of life of individuals with swallowing disorders through application of evidence-based technology. The company’s flagship product, the SwallowSTRONG System, is an FDA-registered medical device and has been available for purchase in the US since April 2014. The company is also developing medical beverages intended to improve safety for people with swallowing disorders.

More than 15 million US adults—including 22% of those over 50 years old and 55% of individuals in institutional settings—suffer from swallowing disorders. Without effective treatment, swallowing disorders can lead to pneumonia, malnutrition, dehydration, and death. The most common treatments today are compensatory techniques such as changes in posture and diet modifications. The SwallowSTRONG System delivers a rehabilitative therapy clinically proven to improve swallowing. An independent study published in 2016 showed that treatment with Swallow Solutions’ product decreased the incidence of pneumonia by 67% and hospital admissions by 61%.

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June, 2014
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