Job Creation through Capital Donation

SHINE Medical Technologies

SHINE Medical is a company that will manufacture the medical isotope Mo-99 which is used in the diagnosis of the two biggest killers of Americans today: both heart disease and cancer. SHINE plans to build a plant in Janesville, WI to produce Mo-99 without the use of a nuclear reactor (the only current source for the isotopes). Over the course of its lifetime, it is expected that the products from this facility will have a positive impact on the lives of over 1 billion people. SHINE’s technology is greener, safer, and cheaper than existing production methods and addresses a massive and emerging global need.

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SHINE Medical Receives Regulatory Approval: Nuclear Regulatory Commission to Issue Construction Permit

Argonne Confirms New Commercial Method for Producing Medical Isotope

Argonne National Laboratory Demonstration of SHINE process Produces Commercial-Grade Medical Isotopes

National Science Foundation Award Helps SHINE Accelerate Efforts to Become a Major Domestic Producer of Iodine-131

Phoenix Nuclear and SHINE Complete Unprecedented Neutron Production Run

SHINE Announces Supply Agreement with Chinese Company


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December, 2014
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