Job Creation through Capital Donation

Project Foundry

Project Foundry offers a streamlined, collaborative workflow, and reporting solution for project-based K-12 learning. These types of environments are driven by the interdisciplinary nature of the real world where students need to synthesize information and polish the life skills needed for the 21st Century Economy.  Project Foundry scaffolds the process of project based learning while embracing voice and choice in both teacher-guided and student-led projects. 30,000 students and teachers in over 200 schools across 25 states have created 1/2 million learning experiences using Project Foundry.

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Project Foundry raises $1.25 million - Seed round will fund educational software's growth

Committed Investment: 
December, 2014
Three year company job creation forecast: 
131 W. Seeboth St. Suite 240
Milwaukee, WI 53204
United States