Job Creation through Capital Donation

Moxe Health Corporation

Moxe's technology is a "smart pipe" for data and information between healthcare providers and payers. As value-based contracting continues to increase, so does the need for high-quality, easily accessible clinical data. Moxe's solution facilitates the efficient transfer of data to obtain complete clinical and demographic information insurers and vendors require to maximize their incentive payments. 

In October they closed a Series A financing round, led by Safeguard Scientifics, a company that believes in Moxe’s mission, and their ability to execute their plans. Moxe plays an integral part in streamlining the flow of information among the various stakeholders throughout the continuum of healthcare. They provide the people, process and technology required to broker the exchange of information among groups who need to share information, but who also need to be extremely thoughtful about how that happens. The future looks bright at Moxe Health and they recently doubled their staff size to handle the growth that they are experiencing.


Committed Investment: 
April, 2016
Three year company job creation forecast: 
2 South Carroll Suite 235
Madison, WI 53703
United States