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Dairyvative Technologies

Dr. Charles Sizer developed the innovative SEVENx™ process to super-concentrate milk, allowing it to be used in a number of exciting new applications. The technology is patented in 6 countries and Dairyvative™ is commercializing the process with partner dairy companies, the leading beverage dispenser company, Cornelius Inc., and a number of international food corporations.  The business model includes both a commercial organization as well as a licensing entity in order to maximize the adoption of the technology.

The SEVENx technology allows dairy processors to meet the growing worldwide demand for high quality milk and dairy products. The process involves removing water from gently pasteurized milk, converting the lactose into its simple sugars (glucose and galactose), and then super concentrating it using the SEVENx process to remove over 95% of the water. The product, a thick, milky syrup, reconstitutes back into a fresh tasting lactose free fresh milk.

This technology has the ability to significantly improve the sustainability of the dairy business. It allows the shipping of milk from areas of high production to areas of low production and high consumption. Whether that be fresh milk beverages in a restaurant dispenser, or shipping 20 tonne containers of concentrate to countries that have a demand for fresh milk, the process is unique because the high concentration leaves the product shelf stable – it does not require refrigeration.

Dairyvative’s vision is to bring the nutrition of milk to the world through sustainable technology.  

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